ebbox-m.eagleburgmann.com is a corporate service of EagleBurgmann to securely exchange data between employees and external business partners. To use this service at least one EagleBurgmann employee needs to be involved.


How it works

Step 1:
A EagleBurgmann employee or business partner enters a requests for a transfer on the main page. An email is sent to the EagleBurgmann employee to authorize the request.
Please verify that emails send by "ebbox@eagleburgmann.com" are not accidentally filtered by your SPAM folder.
Please allow the following sender address to pass the SPAM filter: "ebbox@eagleburgmann.com".
The subject of this invitation mail starts with "File transfer request".


Step 2:
The EagleBurgmann employee authorize or rejects the requests for the transfer request.
If the request was accepted the recipient will receive an email including all access information.


Step 3:
If the request was authorized both sides are able to exchange data files via transfer.

Note: Please read the terms of service before using this service.